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Healthcare & Life Sciences

Baker Tilly helps organizations win now, and explore the options for tomorrow, through an orchestrated approach and understanding encompassing all facets of the healthcare ecosystem.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

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Baker Tilly understands the wide range of unique connections among the life sciences, payer and provider industries.

With our knowledge of the healthcare ecosystem, we are able to help organizations bolster financial sustainability, support improved care outcomes, facilitate data flow and collaboration, improve operational excellence and manage an evolving regulatory environment.

By the numbers

heathcare practitioner uses real-world data (RWD)

More than 9000

Baker Tilly serves more than 9000 healthcare organizations throughout the world

6th largest

Sixth largest health insurance auditor (A.M. Best 2022)

Top 15 firm

Top 15 healthcare consulting management firm (Modern Healthcare 2023)

Specialization across the healthcare ecosystem

Baker Tilly's healthcare continuum

The healthcare ecosystem is immense and multifaceted, and to say that the industry is undergoing massive change is an understatement. Demographic changes, cultural shifts, innovative technology, business and financial model changes, consolidations, and a move towards patient-empowered healthcare are all putting unprecedented strains on organizations. Add the impacts that were exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic, financial distress, and rapid digital transformation to the mix, and the already churning environment is practically erupting. 

At Baker Tilly, we understand the ins and outs of the healthcare ecosystem and can help organizations solve their most pressing challenges now, and tomorrow. With our deep understanding of the complex business problems facing providers, health plans, and life sciences companies, and how complexities in one sector may impact another, we are able to take a unified approach to healthcare. Whether it’s assurance, tax or advisory needs, our team of professionals are here to help.  

Healthy Outcomes | A Baker Tilly podcast series

Healthy Outcomes: A Baker Tilly podcast

Listen and subscribe to Healthy Outcomes, a podcast series from Baker Tilly, that discusses hot topics in the healthcare industry. This podcast series brings together Baker Tilly’s team of Value Architects™ and other healthcare industry leaders to talk about issues and opportunities that can help your healthcare organization win now, and anticipate tomorrow.

"They are more than consultants. The Baker Tilly team raised the quality of our internal audit and risk management functions and helped us through the change management required to ensure success. We are extremely pleased with their work."
Craig Campbell, Chief Administrative and Risk Officer, WPS Health Solutions, Wisconsin Physicians Service Insurance Corp.

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