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Healthy Outcomes: Understanding funding and compliance requirements for not-for-profit behavioral health organizations

In response to these unprecedented times, not-for-profit (NFP) behavioral health organizations have been receiving a myriad of funds from federal or state coronavirus relief programs. With such a high volume of relief programs, it may be difficult for organizations to stay up to date with where the money is coming from and the compliance requirements associated with it.

Listen to this informative Healthy Outcomes podcast episode as industry specialists discuss current behavioral health funding programs and what to do after receiving your money. Topics of discussion include:

  • Managing and staying organized with grants and federal funds
  • Understanding federal, state and local funding (e.g., Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), Provider Relief Funds, etc.)
  • Addressing common challenges and how to stay up to date with compliance requirements
  • Clarifying the new broadened definition of beneficiaries
  • Understanding the scope for your auditor

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About our host

Krista Pankop, CPA, partner

Krista Pankop is a partner at Baker Tilly who specializes in numerous not-for-profit industries, including healthcare, senior living and behavioral health organizations. She serves as the firm’s behavioral health sector leader and not-for-profit network leader.

About our guests

Laura Rash, CPA, senior manager

Laura Rash is a senior manager at Baker Tilly whose focus is auditing not-for-profit organizations. She has more than 15 years of experience including conducting compliance audits in accordance with the Uniform Guidance.

Travis Willing, CPA, senior manager

Travis Willing is a senior manager with Baker Tilly’s not-for-profit group. He specializes in auditing not-for-profit and healthcare organizations and has experience with compliance auditing, including the Uniform Guidance.

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