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The function of project controls is to provide proactive monitoring to ensure that capital projects are completed on time, on budget and within the contracted scope. They are meant to be an efficient, repeatable system that is a driving force to increased returns on investment, capital sustainability and strategic decision making at every level of an organization.

Project controls are often the forgotten project discipline within an organization and its true value is rarely fully realized. During this presentation, we show how this discipline touches every aspect of an organization and directly effects the outcome of projects and corporate initiatives alike.

You'll also learn how to:

Define the discipline

  • Receive clear guidance on what project controls are and the primary functions of the discipline

Improve capital projects

  • Gain a better understanding of how project controls act as the underlying catalyst for returns on investment and timely completion of scope

Drive positive change

  • See how project controls can be used as a driver for advantageous decision making at the strategic level of a company

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