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Baker Tilly helps life sciences companies address the unique needs and opportunities at all stages of the business and product life cycle. From assurance and tax to advisory and support solutions, our integrated team of industry specialists collaborate to provide practical, actionable recommendations and analyses that can be easily operationalized.

By the numbers

Life Sciences, Healthcare, Vials, Commercialization


Serving nearly 450 pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies


Top 15 healthcare consulting management firm (Modern Healthcare 2023)


Our team of more than 500 professionals includes masters-trained policy specialists, former medical directors, physicians, CFOs, health economists, epidemiologists and pharma executives

Our solutions

Baker Tilly has structured our solutions in a way that marshals in the right resources to address the unique challenges our client's face while operating a life sciences company. Our team, comprised of more than 500 individuals, supports our clients through assurance, specialty tax, and advisory and support services, so that we can protect the value of your business while also seizing new opportunities for tomorrow’s success.

Life sciences companies operate in a highly regulated environment and must rely on a large volume of information to make daily decisions. Whether your life sciences company needs its financial statements prepared, compiled, reviewed, or audited; understanding new or upcoming accounting standards; or something more outside of the box, our team of specialized assurance professionals are here to help address your company’s unique needs and reach your goals. 

Assurance services

Life sciences companies face a variety of complicated tax considerations that can have large financial impacts on their business. At Baker Tilly, our specialty tax services team can assist you and your organization in maximizing tax deductions, understanding tax reform implications, utilizing tax credits, reducing your tax liability, mitigating risks and more.

Specialty tax services

From market access planning to establishing a commercial function to creating an effective healthcare compliance program, many life sciences companies rely on external support provided by advisory services firms to assist in a variety of activities. Baker Tilly’s advisory and support services provide client’s guidance and/or outsourced resources to assist in addressing the complex issues that arise during business operations.

Life sciences advisory and support services

Life Sciences Whitepaper 2024

What lies ahead: Life sciences industry outlook for 2024 and beyond 

Download our informative whitepaper to help your life sciences company learn more about key developments that should be considered for 2024 and beyond. 

“The Baker Tilly team understands the financial issues related to growth and development of biotech companies and helps ensure we address those issues appropriately. Baker Tilly’s international reach is also impressive. With nearly half of our manufacturing taking place overseas, we need quality support across the globe. The Baker Tilly International network has provided us with seamless and sound business and reporting advice. We receive the same quality and level of service regardless of location.”
Chief Financial Officer
life sciences professional in lab

At a glance

Whether your company is public or privately held and whether you are operating in a single country or are a multinational entity, all pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies are experiencing high levels of disruption in business activities. From conducting virtual interactions or preparedness activities for a financing or merger and acquisition (M&A) transaction, government funding audits or developing local or international tax strategies, our team has the experience to minimize the fear, uncertainty and doubt of navigating today’s ever-changing environment.

At Baker Tilly, our team of professionals works with private and publicly traded life sciences companies, private equity firms and portfolio companies to help meet company goals in all stages of the business lifecycle – from pre-commercial to growth to maturity to exit. Our work with stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem – including life sciences, health plans and healthcare provider companies –provides us with a 360-degree industry view to address your needs.

In addition, Baker Tilly’s established, in-house led departments address a wide range of functional areas within life sciences companies. Through our comprehensive industry knowledge, deep experience and strategic relationships from our work with hundreds of life sciences companies worldwide, we are able to provide actionable ideas and solutions to help companies grow their business now, while anticipating tomorrow. Our team members have run global life sciences companies and have been published in numerous peer-reviewed publications and medical journals, frequently present at global MBA and university programs as guest lecturers, and speak internationally at widely regarded conferences in their respective experience areas.