Environmental, Social & Governance

We meet forward-looking organizations where they are on their ESG journey to develop industry-focused strategies that align with their vision. We're in it together at every step from inception through ongoing execution.

    Let’s build a sustainable future now, for tomorrow.

    Environmental, social and governance (ESG) has emerged as much more than a responsibility. It’s an opportunity to build a more sustainable business and a key differentiator to enhance relevancy and trust with organization stakeholders. Built strategically, an ESG program creates valuable impact within your organization, your community and for the planet for years to come.

    Why is it important?

    A strong and meaningful ESG program can set a vision for an organization’s environmental and societal influence, providing value both internally and externally.

    Establishing environmental goals can help reduce your carbon footprint, determine your sourcing strategy and set a foundation for how to eliminate unnecessary waste. From a social impact lens, you can build a meaningful diversity program, enhance employee health and make lasting changes in your community.

    And by building a strong governance foundation, you can diversify your board, enhance business ethics, increase stakeholder transparency and protect privacy.

    These are a sampling of the many benefits of a strong, customized program that will help your organization reach the sustainability goals that matter most.

    ESG lifecycle

    While ESG is gaining momentum, it's still an evolving landscape, which makes it difficult to assess, implement and manage programs in an organization. Whether you’re looking to expand on existing ESG efforts or if you’re just getting started, we’ll meet you where you are. Once we gain an understanding of your organization, your culture and your strategy, we’ll work with you to develop an ESG foundation, point of view and guiding principles, focused on the elements that matter most to you and your stakeholders. Then, we'll identify and establish a framework, goals and metrics, policies and governance-related documentation, and guide you through compliance and sustainability reporting for stakeholders.

    • Define ESG vision
    • Assess current state
    • Develop plan
    • Implement and support
    • Monitor and control

    What is your vision and how does it align with your organizational strategy?

    • Engage with leadership to define ESG criteria, goals and objectives
    • Align to organization’s strategy, mission and values
    • Define internal and external stakeholders

    What topics are most relevant to your organization and where do they stand today?

    • Conduct current state assessment
    • Obtain internal feedback and conduct peer research
    • Conduct materiality assessment
    • Complete risk assessment

    What is your vision and how does it align with your organizational strategy?

    • Review ESG rating
    • Conduct gap analysis
    • Develop prioritized initiatives and roadmap
    • Create program plans
    • Select appropriate measurement/reporting framework(s)

    How will you manage and measure the execute of projects?

    • Execute program plans
    • Create reporting and communications plan
    • Activate tracking and monitoring systems
    • Establish governance policies, procedures and controls

    How will you ensure lasting adoption and momentum for your goals?

    • Activate ongoing monitoring processes and reporting
    • Execute communication plan and associated reporting
    • Receive third-party attestation/assurance, as needed
    • Monitor external landscape
    "At Baker Tilly, building a sustainable future is who we are at our core. Our talented professionals are dedicated to developing and guiding our clients on their ESG journey now, for tomorrow."
    Theresa Meiners, ESG Practice Leader
    Theresa Meiners

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