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CFOs weigh in on the future of work for New York City

The COVID-19 pandemic shook the NYC economy, introducing and exacerbating challenges affecting the business community. Today’s CFOs and other high-level financial executives need to navigate changes, champion new technologies and recruit new talent — all while managing costs and a new work culture. This panel tackles these issues and more with a robust discussion around what’s coming next.

In partnership with Crain's New York Business, Baker Tilly presents their annual CFO forecast. In this on-demand webinar, three financial leaders from the healthcare, real estate and financial services industries discuss economic and business prognostications for 2022.

The discussion is based on a recent research study conducted by Crain's, including:

  • What industry leaders see in New York in terms of talent acquisition
  • How we can improve the current workplace culture
  • The pandemic’s impact on commercial real estate and office space
  • Technology and its role in enabling a hybrid workplace model
  • The overall outlook about doing business in NYC

Moderated by:

  • Fred P. Gabriel, Executive Editor and Publisher - Crain's New York Business


  • Gil Addo, CEO & Co-Founder - RubiconMD
  • Nicholas P. Mitrakis, Senior Vice President, Corporate Controller – WSP
Grand Central Station, New York City

CFO forecast: webinar summary

Optimism is warranted despite business challenges, New York executives say.

Even as the outlook on the pandemic seesaws from gloomy to hopeful and back again, the New York City business world has cause for optimism. That’s the aggregate takeaway from the panelists during the CFO forecast.

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