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Commercial Due Diligence

Our commercial due diligence supports critical investment decisions, identifies risks and opportunities and facilitates post-close strategic decisions.

Baker Tilly's commercial due diligence teams are comprised of dedicated career strategy consultants with many years’ experience advising private equity firms.

We focus on industries such as manufacturing and distribution, technology, healthcare, and many others. We test out clients’ investment theses through rigorous proprietary and public research, providing confidence to execute the deal.

Understanding risks and opportunities is critical to creating value for private equity firms. Our commercial due diligence consulting team follows a proven process that provides independent validation of key market hypotheses. This process follows well-honed steps designed to provide efficient and valuable insight. In a full commercial diligence, our typical process includes:

  • In-depths interviews with market specialists
  • Comprehensive insightful analysis of the competitive landscape
  • Market sizing and growth
  • Business plan assessment
  • Customer surveys
  • Identification of organic and inorganic growth opportunities
  • Industry trends and regulations
  • Target's value proposition and differentiators evaluation

How we’re different

Customized to your needs

Every commercial due diligence is different. Cookie-cutter frameworks are not viable solutions for commercial due diligences in the mid-market and niche industries. Our commercial due diligence consulting team works closely with private equity firms to ensure each scope addresses and informs the most important decisions they are facing, which can be very different each time.

Experienced team leaders

Our project leaders bring top-tier management consulting expertise with many years of experience leading commercial diligence projects. Private equity firms can trust Baker Tilly to provide insights into hypotheses across multiple niche markets.

Insights from the right specialists

We don’t just talk to the same general market professionals sourced through expert networks that our private equity clients have already interviewed. Instead, we use proprietary processes and dedicated resources to speak with multiple industry-specific specialists in different roles and companies. These specialized interviews provide unique and robust insights into niche, seldom-researched markets.

Focus on the target’s customers

We don’t treat the voice of customer as a check-the-box activity. Some of the most critical insights around the target’s growth, at-risk customers, competitive positioning, product and service offering, level of satisfaction and Net Promoter Score (NPS) assessment, and the overall market are provided by the target’s customers. Our established process for developing questions and using experienced resources to conduct interviews ensures that the customer provides important insight without disrupting the target’s business.

Breadth of diligence options

Unlike many other mid-market commercial due diligence consulting providers, Baker Tilly can provide multiple additional diligence solutions. These solutions include financial due diligence, ESG due diligence, technological due diligence and operational due diligence.

Our due diligence

Questions we help answer

  • What is the market opportunity for the target?
  • How has the market evolved and how will it continue to evolve?
  • How strong is the target’s competitive position and how defendable is it?
  • What adjacent markets are available for the target?
  • What customer risks exist and how can they be mitigated?

Common activities

  • Market sizing
  • Market growth forecasting
  • Competitive analysis
  • Regulatory risk assessment
  • Trend identification
  • Voice of customer (VoC)
  • End consumer surveys
  • Business plan analysis
  • Identification of growth areas and segments