Life sciences industry forecast for 2024

As 2023 concludes and we prepare for 2024, it's evident that the life sciences industry faces a challenging business climate, characterized by increased scrutiny in asset valuation, growing regulatory pressures on pricing and persisting governance hurdles. These challenges involve evolving regulations, shifting preferences in product evaluation by healthcare providers and payers, heightened public scrutiny and various factors adding to increased risk burdens. So how can your life sciences organization equip itself to confront the inevitable fear, uncertainty and doubt that will infiltrate decision-making?

Listen to Baker Tilly’s informative, on-demand Life Sciences Industry Forecast event where we will explore developments from this past year, discuss the current state of the environment and look at trends and challenges shaping the industry in 2024 and beyond. Topics of discussion will include capital markets, market access, medical affairs and patient access, compliance and regulatory landscape, and more. New to this year’s event will be discussions about developments within the European, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) as well as Asian-Pacific (APAC) markets for established multinational companies or U.S. based companies that are looking to expand into the global market from a perspective of our colleagues at Baker Tilly International affiliate firms.

Life Sciences Whitepaper 2024

What lies ahead: Life sciences industry outlook for 2024 and beyond

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