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On this episode of Healthy Outcomes, our host Mark Ross interviews David Gregory, partner and a leader in Baker Tilly’s healthcare consulting practice, as well as Eric Fishbein, assistant vice president of managed care at Virtua Health in New Jersey. Together, these three leaders discuss the evolution of managed care contracting during the last few years, and other topics related to managed care and commercial insurance payer contracts. .  

Topics of discussion include:  

  • The relative changes related to negotiations within managed care and commercial payers since the onset of the pandemic 
  • The impact that physician integration into healthcare systems has had on negotiations 
  • The future of value-based care (VBC) arrangements 
  • Service line performance and the impact that service line performance can have on the way healthcare systems approach managed care contracting 

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About our guest

Eric Fishbein 

Eric Fishbein is the assistant vice president of managed care at Virtua Health. Prior to his current role, Eric has served as the director of managed care contracting at Virtua Health.  

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