End-to-End HCP Engagement Solution – engagementNOW

Simplified approach for interacting with HCPs

engagementNOW is a user-friendly platform that simplifies the healthcare professional (HCP) engagement process by combining Baker Tilly's industry knowledge with a user-friendly and customizable technology solution. This enables life sciences leaders to effectively manage HCP relationships and reclaim valuable time that is lost from the manual process of tracking and reporting HCP interactions.

Streamlining the HCP engagement process

Life sciences companies frequently interact with HCPs to support the promotion of their products and therapeutics as well as for gathering advisory insights. However, the process of identifying, nominating, contracting and managing these engagements, along with handling payments and complying with regulations, can prove to be a challenge. This often involves manual processes and the use of disparate systems across multiple departments, all while ensuring strict adherence to regulatory requirements.

Introducing engagementNOW, an end-to-end HCP engagement solution that simplifies the HCP engagement process. By utilizing engagementNOW, life sciences leaders can expedite the entire HCP engagement process by simplifying HCP touchpoints as well compliance reviews and approvals, and automating payments and reporting requirements. More specifically, leaders can also improve key customer engagement metrics such as invoice-to-pay time or the entire duration of the engagement lifecycle.

Let’s explore how engagementNOW can better streamline your existing process.