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Global Spend Transparency Reporting Solution – transparencyNOW

transparencyNOW can help simplify and streamline your spend transparency reporting obligations across multiple jurisdictions.

Simplify your spend transparency reporting with Baker Tilly's transparencyNOW.

Our user-friendly solution that helps eliminate complexities and streamline data capture, collection and reporting while also keeping you informed about evolving regulations. By tapping into Baker Tilly’s powerful analytics capabilities, you can open the door for you and your team to refocus on its core priorities and mission.

Simplifying your spend transparency reporting process

Life sciences companies face many obstacles when it comes to complying with spend transparency reporting requirements. These challenges encompass tight reporting timelines, complex data collection and reporting due to fragmented systems, managing third-party relationships with transfers of value and ensuring compliance with specific formatting requirements. This is all on top of staying up to date on evolving U.S. and global reporting requirements.

Introducing Baker Tilly’s transparencyNOW; a user-friendly, simplified solution to streamline your spend transparency reporting function and help with accurately reporting transfers of values to healthcare professionals (HCPs) and healthcare organizations (HCOs). transparencyNOW helps streamline the necessary reporting for compliance so you can free yourselves from the cumbersome, manual filing process of CMS open payments and filings within other jurisdictions as well as eliminating complexities associated with other automation solutions. This allows you and your team to focus on what matters most.

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transparencyNOW's unique benefits

Eliminate unnecessary complexities

Discover the advantages of an integrated, user-friendly tool that streamlines the complexities of traditional spend transparency reporting processes. With transparencyNOW’s straightforward design that seamlessly integrates into your existing systems, you can gain efficiency and easy adoption without unnecessary complexities that are often associated with other automated software solutions.

Allow your team to achieve more

Using transparencyNOW allows you and your team to streamline data collection from disparate systems while seamlessly converting it into the essential formatting requirements of regulatory bodies. This, coupled with our transparency reporting services, effectively minimizes the amount of time your team spends on compiling transparency reports, enabling you to concentrate your valuable time and energy on core priorities.

Stay informed on evolving regulations

Keep pace with the evolving regulatory environment both domestically and internationally through the utilization of transparencyNOW. This tool remains current by actively tracking and evaluating spend transparency reporting requirements in the U.S. and global markets, including regulations in more than 45 countries. By doing so, it reduces the time investment required for you and your team to monitor and adapt to shifting regulations as well as gaining a competitive edge amid a swiftly changing global landscape.

Broaden your compliance perspective through enhanced data analytics and insights

Access powerful embedded analytics for improved compliance and commercial strategy. transparencyNOW's user-friendly dashboards provide holistic spend trend insights and customizable risk-focused analytics that are tailored to your needs. We also leverage life sciences our experience of the healthcare ecosystem to help you take a comprehensive compliance approach. Our regulatory knowledge goes beyond spend transparency, enabling us to guide you effectively and provide ongoing training for evolving industry strategies.