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Small capital projects are perhaps the riskiest construction projects in your capital program. A recent small project audit uncovered contractor overcharges exceeding 15% of the project value, unapproved but billed change orders and significant owner project management failure. Conversely, this same owner’s large project audit had less than 0.50% of the project value in overcharges. How can the same facilities department have such polar opposite project performance results?

Construction contract audits aren’t just for the biggest and highest profile capital projects. Managing construction risk transcends all of the projects in a capital portfolio and deserves proper attention to avoid unnecessary expense and wasted capital. During this on-demand webinar, Baker Tilly presenters discuss why small capital project risk is elevated and how to efficiently audit the capital and maintenance project portfolio.

You'll also learn:

  • How to assess construction risk across the portfolio
  • How to write a vendor audit program
  • Why maintenance and capital projects may be risky

This on-demand webinar is intended for facility administrators, CFOs, COOs, director of capital projects, project professionals and other professionals involved in construction project management and facilities development at their organization.

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