Healthcare professionals meet to discuss interoperability for health plans and providers

On this episode of Healthy Outcomes, our host Mark Ross discusses value-based care (VBC) in today’s healthcare environment. In addition to discussing some of the basics relative to VBC, Mark and David discuss the investments healthcare providers need to make and the core business capabilities healthcare providers must have to ensure a higher rate of success with VBC arrangements.

Topics of discussion include: 

  • What healthcare providers can do to ensure a higher rate of success with VBC arrangements 
  • How healthcare providers can assess their readiness for VBC arrangements with downside risk 
  • What VBC means to healthcare providers across the care continuum 
  • The importance of the EMR system, and how the EMR system, when optimized, can help providers better manage/measure their VBC arrangements 
  • Challenges faced by providers seeking to expand their participation in VBC arrangements 
  • The future state of VBC 

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Healthcare professional meeting and discussing with information technology specialist

Optimizing revenue through value-based care arrangements

Listen to our on-demand webinar to learn how healthcare providers can identify unclaimed reimbursements from commercial VBC contracts.

Mark Ross
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