Third Party Due Diligence Questionnaire for Life Sciences Companies

Authored by Mark Scallon and Samantha Brabant

Life sciences companies are constantly being scrutinized by regulators, the public and other stakeholders, which adds to the challenges associated with working in a highly regulated, constantly changing environment. With third-party relationships adding an even greater amount of complexity, life sciences leaders as well as compliance and monitoring professionals need to take an extra level of scrutiny to identify, mitigate and avoid opening the door to a variety of risks.

To help life sciences companies more effectively alleviate the fear, uncertainty and doubt of working with third parties, our team of Value Architects™ has put together a sample questionnaire that can be used to gauge the risk of third-party relationships. Although there is no one-size-fits-all approach to identify, isolate and measure risk, this sample questionnaire is intended to jumpstart your journey of assessing your company’s business relationships with third-party stakeholders.

Third Party Monitoring Questionnaire for Life Sciences Companies Table of Contents

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