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Helping owners and executives of construction companies enhance performance, improve profitability, reduce costs and build connections to grow their business.


    Drive your dealership forward with our industry-specialized solutions.


      With expertise in oil and gas, power and utilities and renewable energy, we provide a collective view with measurable results.

        Family Business

        Helping family businesses achieve their full potential through growth strategies, succession planning and next generation leadership development.

          Financial Services

          The financial services industry continues to diversify, but competition and more complex vendor relationships make determining business strategy more complicated.

            Government Contractors

            Baker Tilly helps government contractors nationwide address complex regulatory compliance, audit and other government oversight burdens.

              Healthcare & Life Sciences

              We deliver innovative and sustainable results through our collaborative approach across the provider, health plan and life sciences spectrum.

                Higher Education

                Higher education and research institutions ensure student and institutional success by balancing competing priorities and effectively aligning limited resources.

                  Law Firm & Professional Services

                  In the face of intense competition, successful law firms must deliver quality legal services and practice effective business management.

                    Manufacturing & Distribution

                    Helping manufacturing and distribution companies reduce risk and improve efficiencies across their entire supply chain.


                      We have a deep understanding of the issues not-for-profit organizations face, and the creativity and humanity required to thrive in your world.

                        Private equity and their portfolio companies

                        From private equity firms and their portfolio companies to family office, Baker Tilly leverages industry knowledge and operational experience to offer clients value from the fund level down through the entire portfolio. 

                          Real Estate

                          Innovative solutions for developers, owners, investors and property managers.


                            In a consumer-driven marketplace, retailers have to stay one step ahead of constantly evolving trends. Rely on our retail specialists to help you navigate industry challenges so you can maximize your competitive advantage.

                              Small Business

                              Baker Tilly Advantage is a full-service accounting and advisory solution for small and closely held businesses.

                                State & Local Government

                                Baker Tilly serves the advisory, accounting and assurance needs of states, cities, counties, townships, boroughs, villages and other municipalities across the U.S.


                                  Baker Tilly’s tribal team works with you to meet regulatory requirements, grow business initiatives and continue a quest for energy independence.