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Although the coronavirus pandemic is not completely behind us, we must recognize the tremendous accomplishments the industry has achieved by collaborating and taking on this public health crisis. In addition to leading the global pandemic response, we have sustained our industry’s fast pace of innovation. In coming together, the life sciences industry has set an example for what can be achieved by overcoming numerous political, financial capital and legal challenges. However, even though public perception of the industry is improving with consumers, there is still an uphill battle with policy makers and other key stakeholders. In addition, there are further developments on the horizon that present numerous risks as well as opportunities.

To help life sciences companies prepare and execute their strategic plans for 2022 and beyond, our team of Value Architects™ have put together a list of important developments that should be considered by industry leaders. Our complimentary whitepaper discusses:

  • Trends with capital markets and corporate governance
  • Changes in commercialization strategies
  • Opportunities for real-world data (RWD) and health economics and outcomes research (HEOR)
  • Strategies to translate RWD to commercial strategies
  • Challenges and trends in healthcare professional (HCP) and patient engagement
  • Impacts of the evolving regulatory landscape
  • And more

Life Sciences Industry Outlook for 2022 and Beyond

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