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Healthy Outcomes: Navigating the healthcare financial landscape in 2024 

A discussion with Jack Dwyer of Capital Funding Group

On this episode of Healthy Outcomes, our host Mark Ross interviews Jack Dwyer, owner and Chairman of the Board of Capital Funding Group. Capital Funding Group is a leader in the healthcare and multifamily financing industry, providing creative and holistic solutions for facilities nationwide, with a focus on long-term care and assisted living. Together, Mark and Jack discuss various healthcare and healthcare financing related topics, as well as the work that Jack and his wife, Nancy, are doing with The Jack and Nancy Dwyer Workforce Development Center. 

Specific topics of discussion include:  

  • An overview of Capital Funding Group  
  • The current lending and interest rate environment in the senior services sector  
  • The benefits of financing through HUD 
  • The current and projected future state of the skilled nursing facility sector, including the need for proper levels of government reimbursement 
  • Insight into the formation of the Jack and Nancy Dwyer Workforce Development Center and the mission/vision of the organization  

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About our guest

Jack Dwyer 

Jack Dwyer is the owner and founder of Capital Funding Group. Throughout the past 20 years, Jack has been involved in the financing of more than $7 billion worth of Federal Housing Administration (FHA)-insured healthcare mortgages, as well as creating companies that provide full-service, comprehensive financing solutions and banking solutions. In addition, Jack and his wife Nancy are the founders of The Jack and Nancy Dwyer Workforce Development Center. Jack was also honored during 2023 by McKnight’s as a Business Partner Honoree. 


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