Managed care negotiation

Managed Care Advisory Services

Baker Tilly provides full-service managed care contracting consulting and solution design to assist healthcare organizations in achieving financial sustainability.

At Baker Tilly, our team of Value Architects™ understands the intense pressures providers face and can help organizations conform delivery models, operational plans and reimbursement strategies to remain competitive and financially stable. Ensuring your healthcare organization is being fairly compensated and following best practices is vital when negotiating reimbursement rates with payers and managed care organizations (MCOs).

    Our solutions

    The changes in healthcare are inevitable and providers are tasked with the unique challenge of balancing its payer portfolio, continual movement of services to an outpatient model, empowered consumerism and shifting payment models, while at the same time, improving patient access and outcomes at a lower cost.

    Baker Tilly provides a full range of managed care consulting solutions that are customized to fit the individual needs of our clients and that can help providers quickly adapt and transform their strategy, operations and reimbursement structures to remain competitive and viable in an evolving market. Simply investing in technology alone is not enough to facilitate meaningful change; through the implementation and full understanding of data analytics, strategic planning and interoperability, and next generation payment models, providers can begin to make more informed, data-driven decisions that can lead to financial success.

    With our diverse client portfolio of fully and self-insured health plans, hospitals and health systems, senior services, behavioral health, MCOs, life sciences, and venture capital and private equity organizations, our team is able to offer real-world insight into today’s complex healthcare environment that helps our clients now, so that they can achieve financial sustainability tomorrow.