Managed care contract optimization: The next wave of healthcare reform

It is critical for healthcare providers to be fairly compensated by payers and managed care organizations (MCOs) if they are to remain financially sustainable. While many factors in managed care contracts have a financial impact on compensation, there are also many nonfinancial terms to consider.  

Listen to this informative Healthy Outcomes podcast episode as our leading industry specialists discuss managed care strategies for healthcare providers. Learning objectives of today's episode include: 

  • Understand how to optimize managed care agreements  
  • Recognize whether your system and physicians are being compensated fairly   
  • Identify ways to remediate underperforming medical staff  
  • Understand the effect that “nonfinancial” terminology in managed care agreements has on contract financial performance  
  • Learn about price transparency reporting requirements and its effect on negotiating reimbursement rates

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About our guests

Steven Briggs, VP of Managed Care, Cooper University Health Care

Steven is responsible for setting corporate managed care strategies, and overseeing payer relationships, contract negotiations and pricing decision making. Versatile managed care executive with an extensive senior-level contact network, experience contracting across varied reimbursement methodologies, and a demonstrated track record of growing and managing revenue/profitability. His specialties are in managed care contracting, reimbursement negotiations and payer relations.

Kwynn Smith, V, Payer Contracting, Mount Sinai Health System

Kwynn Smith is the Vice President for Payer Contracting for Mount Sinai Health Partners for various forms of payers. Key areas of responsibility are negotiating and managing the fee-for-service contracts for the Mount Sinai Health System facilities, narrow network, private label products, specialty bundles, international payers, direct contracts and other areas of payer related contracting. Prior to joining Mount Sinai Health Partners, he was the AVP of Contracting at Montefiore Health System for more than 17 years. Kwynn has over 23 years' experience in contract negotiations and management within the health care market ranging from hospital to ancillary and professional contracting experience.

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