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fmvNOW® offers direct, self-service access to fair market value (FMV) hourly rates across key opinion leader (KOL) tiers, serving as the delivery mechanism for fair market value rate analysis.

fmvNOW's innovative and user-friendly application also provides a range of unique benefits to safeguard your company's and product's value. This enables your team to streamline the fair market value rate determination process, allowing you and your team to focus on higher value-added tasks.

FMV solution

Life sciences companies are under increasing scrutiny for their interactions with healthcare professionals (HCPs) due to growing concerns about potential conflicts of interest, biased information dissemination, and the need to ensure transparent and ethical collaboration within the healthcare ecosystem. In addition, the process for determining fair market value rates between HCPs and non-HCPs has conventionally been a laborious, time-intensive undertaking susceptible to human error and prone to oversight by regulatory entities.

To assist you and your life sciences company in setting fair market value rates for interactions with HCPs and non-HCPs alike, our fmvNOW tool is here to help. fmvNOW offers an array of distinct benefits through its innovative, easy-to-use application, designed to safeguard your company's and product's value. By embracing our novel fair market value tool, your team can seamlessly simplify the process of determining fair market value rates, allowing you to remain dedicated to your organizational goals while focusing on higher value-added tasks.

fmvNOW's unique benefits

Defensible methodology

By subscribing to fmvNOW, you will also have access to our defensible Methodology Report, empowering you and your team with the confidence of engaging in compliant practices while ensuring the utmost transparency in case you are audited by a regulatory body. You are also able to seamlessly export hourly rates and activity fees into a format of your choice, whether it's a PDF, Excel, or both, tailored to your convenience.

FMV rates across the globe

fmvNOW gives you streamlined access to explore fair market value rates from across the globe, leveraging country-specific regulatory rates and guidance recommended by country-specific industry associations. Our fair market value tool also easily converts rates from the country’s local currency to USD and EUR.

Round-the-clock access

fmvNOW gives you 24/7 access to fair market value rates across key opinion leader tiers. This allows you and your team to effortlessly and efficiently retrieve fair market value rates whenever needed.


fmvNOW is designed with a user-friendly interface, allowing you and your team to seamlessly navigate the platform. The tool also allows you to connect with Baker Tilly’s fair market value specialists who can assist if any issues arise.

Frequently updated rates

fmvNOW keeps you informed with regularly refreshed fair market value rates, allowing you and your team to have constant access to the latest information.