Organizations need an accurate and objective view of their cybersecurity profile to safeguard information assets and protect the organization's value.

    Proactively protect and address your cybersecurity and information technology (IT) risks.

    Information assets and technology investments left ungoverned and unprotected leave organizations vulnerable to compromise and loss of reputation, revenue/value, customers and intellectual property. Couple these risks with the increasing demands for transparency, accountability and compliance by regulators, government entities, shareholders and others, and you have a perfect storm of risks.

    While sophisticated hacking is a valid threat to organizations, it is rarely the root cause of a data breach. The vast majority of data breaches and cybersecurity incidents are actually caused by a breakdown of basic cybersecurity processes and controls.

    Baker Tilly’s cybersecurity specialists work with organizations to assess their risk and achieve measurable security enhancements and cybersecurity control improvements. We will evaluate your cybersecurity controls, deliver recommended improvements and provide assurance that your cybersecurity controls are working.

    We are making great headway on security policies, procedures and it’s measurable. Our exposed surface area for cyber-attack is smaller than it’s ever been.
    Director of Information Systems for a large insurance company