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On this episode of Healthy Outcomes, host Mark Ross interviews Jim Bodine, executive vice president at HJ Sims, about the state of the senior services financing markets and the impact that current market conditions have on capital investment and related financing strategies. 

 Topics of discussion include:   

  • Primary issues being faced by senior living providers, including occupancy and workforce issues, and how they are currently being exacerbated by inflation and a rising interest rate environment  
  • The state of the senior services financing markets  
  • The impact of current market conditions on capital investment (e.g., new projects, reinvestment in current physical plant, etc.) and financing strategies (e.g., bank versus bond financing for not-for-profit organizations, etc.)  
  • What can be expected throughout the next 12-24 months as it relates to the senior services financing markets   

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About our guest

Jim Bodine

Jim Bodine serves as executive vice president at HJ Sims. Jim has an impressive 30 years of investment banking experience with a principal focus on investment banking and financial advisory services for the acquisition, development, expansion, refinancing/recapitalization, and corporate affiliation of not-for-profit senior living, healthcare and human services providers.

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