Solar panels and wind turbines

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) created game-changing opportunities through energy incentives and tax credits. In the year since the IRA was signed into law, there have been significant updates in guidance and regulations.

Listen to Gideon Gradman, Joel Laubenstein and Cory Wendt in this on-demand webinar to learn about the Inflation Reduction Act tax credits and actions project owners can take to benefit from these credits. After establishing some background, they will dive into relevant updates and guidance related to domestic content, energy communities, transferability and direct pay and prevailing wage and apprenticeship regulations.

In this session, they will also share real world learnings from clients across industries and recommend the next steps project owners can take to plan projects in a way they can maximize the potential value of eligible tax credits.

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Gideon Gradman
Baker Tilly Capital, LLC Managing Director
Joel M. Laubenstein
Cory R. Wendt