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Healthy Outcomes: Affiliations in the senior services sector

What senior living, not-for-profit leaders need to know

On this episode of Healthy Outcomes, our host Mark Ross interviews Beverly Asper, a director in Baker Tilly’s senior services consulting practice. Together, they discuss affiliation activity in the senior services sector.

 Specific topics of discussion include 

  • Reasons why not-for-profit and senior living organizations seek affiliations  
  • Parent and subsidiary organization perspectives as they relate to affiliations 
  • The five stages of the not-for-profit lifecycle 
  • Best practices for organizations that plan to ‘go it alone’ 
  • The initiation of discussions with potential affiliation candidates 
  • The importance of why educating those charged with governance is important  
  • Examples of joint ventures and partnerships not-for-profit organizations are pursuing  
  • The significance of culture in affiliation transactions 

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