Healthcare professionals consult on patient care

On this podcast episode of Healthy Outcomes, our host Mark Ross interviews HFMA’s Senior Vice President, Rick Gundling, about several challenges facing healthcare providers. In addition to laying out the upcoming obstacles that are most concerning to healthcare leaders, Ross and Gundling discuss changes to care delivery models, including how and where care is being administered. Also discussed are the current issues with addressing the shortage of qualified workers within the industry – both patient-facing and back-office staff – and how advances in technology and automation can help address this problem.  

 Topics of discussion include:  

  • The top operational concerns for healthcare providers  
  • Changes in facility volume and delivery of care 
  • Workforce shortages, turnover and burnout 
  • Advances in technology to increase efficiency, productivity, and the quality and delivery of care 
  • Health equity, social determinants of health (SDOH) and access to care 

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About our guest

Rick Gundling, Senior Vice President, Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) 

Rick Gundling is the Senior Vice President of HFMA and is responsible for overseeing HFMA’s technical and content direction, leading the association’s Washing D.C. activities, and managing the association’s thought leadership. Gundling also serves as the staff liaison to HFMA’s principles and practices board, and has written an extensive number of articles in healthcare finance and the broader industry.  

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