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The life sciences industry has achieved a number of accomplishments throughout the past two years by coming together to tackle a once-in-a-lifetime global health crisis. However, while the coronavirus pandemic is not completely in the rearview mirror, life sciences companies should keep congratulations to a minimum as they prepare for the challenging road ahead.  

 To help leaders in the life sciences industry prepare for 2022 and beyond, Baker Tilly hosted our inaugural industry forecast event to look at what lies ahead as companies consider their strategic plans. Baker Tilly’s team of industry specialists, who have expansive knowledge across the entire spectrum of the life sciences industry, came together to present a list of important developments that should be considered by organization leaders. Our team not only discussed the risks that lie ahead, but also the corresponding opportunities to help position your organization for success today, and tomorrow.  

 For more information, or to learn how Baker Tilly’s Value Architects™ can help, contact our team. 

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