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Service line performance and profitability for healthcare providers

A panel discussion about prioritizing and improving clinical service lines

Healthcare providers are continuing to operate under tighter margins, rising costs and a shrinking labor market. With these issues and other factors affecting profitability, it is more important than ever for providers of all sizes to identify if their service lines are functioning properly, generating positive health outcomes, managing the volumes necessary for their markets and turning a positive profit margin.  

Listen to Baker Tilly’s informative, on-demand webinar for a panel discussion about how healthcare providers can drive greater profitability through new ideas in a changing healthcare paradigm over the next half decade or more. During this discussion, we will give background about how organizations can identify if a service line is performing at its highest level and if it is competitive enough to sustain market share growth in the areas, they choose to do business. With this knowledge, we will ask organizational leaders to analyze these findings and determine how to fix issues with less-than-optimal service line performance, identify potential areas of expansion for new service lines or existing ones, and eliminating areas altogether, if necessary. 

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