What you need to know about: Reducing missing, misclassified or unmaintained documentation

Today it is more important than ever to accurately and completely document the care provided to patients. Physicians not accurately documenting what they do can lead to revenue being left on the table due to improper coding. A properly functioning clinical documentation integrity (CDI) process not only produces incremental revenue, but also positively impacts quality outcome scores, CMI, physician productivity and value-based care initiatives.

Listen to this informative Healthy Outcomes podcast episode. Key takeaways from this discussion include:

  • An overview of CDI opportunities seen in the field
  • Lessons learned from proper and improper coding and documenting of services provided
  • Practical tips and solutions for CDI best practices

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About our guests

Richard Cascio, CPA, Managing Partner at RCascio & Associates, LLC

Richard Cascio has more than 35 years of healthcare leadership experience, including being a former CEO of academic medical centers and other tertiary healthcare systems. Richard’s specialties include organizational transformation, performance improvement, strategic planning, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, buy and sell side due diligence, creditor relations, physician relations, governance and interim management.

Richard Pinson, MD, Pinson and Tang, LLC

Dr. Pinson is an educator, administrator and healthcare consultant specializing in inpatient and outpatient ICD-10, CPT-4, E&M, HCC, DRG, pay-for-performance and regulatory documentation improvement, as well as operational documentation improvement processes to optimize efficiency and productivity. He is co-author of the highly regarded CDI Pocket Guide (print and electronic editions) for documentation specialists, coders and clinicians.

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