State Drug Price Transparency Reporting for Life Sciences Companies

What to know before the launch of your first product

Drug prices within the U.S. continue to be a point of discussion with consumers, lawmakers and professionals throughout the healthcare industry. As of mid-2021, 21 states have enacted price transparency reporting requirement laws for pharmaceutical manufacturers, and with more states continuing to propose additional laws and regulations, the need to analyze and understand reporting obligations has never been greater. This is especially true for emerging pharmaceutical and biotech companies traversing the murky waters of varying reporting requirements when launching their first product.

Listen to our informative, on-demand presentation about state drug price transparency reporting requirements for life sciences companies that are about to launch their first product. Our colleagues discussed:

  • The past, present and future state of state drug price transparency reporting
  • An understanding of what requirements emerging life sciences companies should be aware of before the launch of a new product
  • A high-level overview of select state price transparency requirements
  • Challenges and strategies to consider when navigating proprietary information, potential penalties and labor intensiveness of compliance

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