Businesses often face opportunities and challenges in their day-to-day activities. When those activities affect the financial position of the company, we provide support in each stage of the transaction from pre-planning to execution.  

    Our solutions

    Throughout the lifecycle of a transaction, we are the trusted advisors to private equity investors and business operators.

    From pre-transaction due diligence to post-transaction execution, we help our clients accomplish their financial goals. Clients across many industries trust Baker Tilly for a wide variety of services where we have dedicated specialty teams, including:

    • Acquiring or divesting a business or property
    • Pre-transaction financial due diligence (Quality of Earnings)
    • Commercial and market due diligence (Quality of Strategy™)
    • M&A tax structuring
    • IT and cyber due diligence
    • Post-transaction operations improvement and integration
    • Raising and restructuring capital and debt
    • Post-transaction change management
    • IPO, SPAC, transaction readiness
    • Building a new facility/property