Transformational M&A – Integrating business transactions

Transformational M&A – Integrating business transactions

Recent trends toward transformational mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the government contracting market are changing the industry competitive landscape. In transformational M&A, buyers are seeking new capabilities, skills and new market permission. Integration is a value key to most M&A, however with transformative deals it is determinative to success or failure. As, such there are key lessons to be taken from such transactions and their approach.

Assimilating systems and the use of technology are at the fore in any successful integration and often represent a higher risk area that can impede a successful integration if not executed thoughtfully. With the help of technology, informational systems processes are able to work cross-functionally from data entry to reporting, which ideally provides a smooth transactional process to merging entities.

Baker Tilly’s Frank Walker and Kevin Brandt partnered with Deltek to discuss the importance of developing a smart and strategic transformational M&A integration while minimizing process challenges that many organizations face.

View the presentation slides and listen to the on-demand webinar recording for insight on the following:

  • Implications of transformative M&A and how they are differentiated from more traditional absorption deals
  • Business implications of such transactions, including the impact to business processes and the systems that support those processes
  • End-to-end approach to overcoming the challenges faced by large organizations during these complex conversion scenarios

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