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Investment Banking 

At Baker Tilly Capital, we realize the challenges middle-market business owners face as they decide to grow, finance, or exit their business.


At a glance

Our team is led by investment bankers and corporate finance specialists that have meaningful experience advising clients in evaluating strategic and financial alternatives, creating and executing sell-side and buy-side M&A strategies, and identifying cost-effective financing alternatives and sources.

Large events like selling or buying a business, putting together the capital needed for a new building or expansion, or re-financing current debt are generally not done often.  When these events come up in the life cycle of a business, our team of specialists work with you to bring the industry knowledge before, during and after the transaction. 

There are many strategic and financial opportunities that can arise during a transaction and having a team behind you can prove to be the difference in whether your objectives are met.  Our investment banking specialists work with middle-market business owners on:

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