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Baker Tilly’s CFO services play key role in post-transaction process

In the first article of our two-part series, we looked at the role that Baker Tilly’s CFO advisory services play in the early stages of the pre-transaction phase of a private equity deal. Now let’s examine how our team assists clients in the post-transaction portion of the process.

Obviously closing a transaction requires an enormous amount of time, energy and money. Yet oftentimes there is so much focus on securing the deal that the post-transaction elements get lost in the shuffle until it’s too late.

When companies arrive at the post-transaction phase, too often senior leaders find themselves asking questions like: “So we have a post-transaction plan, but do we have the necessary resources to actually implement that plan?”

The answer, quite often, is “no.”

At Baker Tilly, our CFO advisory services serve as the glue for companies in the early portions of the post-transaction phase. It can be a delicate time for a newly formed (or newly acquired) business, as the first several months post-transaction often set the tone for the long-term viability of the company.  

We have the capabilities to assist in any number of post-transaction areas, including:

  • Team structure assessment: We examine the relationship between the company’s strategy, its operational needs and its existing internal and external resources. We can help verify whether you have a strong enough finance team in place to implement a successful post-transaction plan and what changes might be necessary to ensure a smoother long-term journey. Additionally, we address questions such as “What additional resources do we need?” and “How do we fill our existing gaps?”
  • Financial reporting: We assist financial teams with recording the transaction in compliance with accounting standards generally accepted in the United States, creating a proper monthly reporting package, assessing the current state of internal controls and if necessary, implementing a stronger control structure and verifying proper KPIs are in place for every facet of the business.
  • Operational improvements: Our team can help drive the integration of businesses, improvement of processes for efficiency and integration, selection and/or implementation of new technology to maximize effectiveness and most importantly develop strategic plans that help the organization experience profitable growth.

In short, Baker Tilly assists private equity firms and their portfolio companies with every step of the transaction life cycle, allowing the companies’ in-house professionals to focus on their day-to-day responsibilities while we take care of the rest. We assist in all areas of people, process and technology.

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