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Valuation & Corporate Finance Advisory

The ever-changing needs of middle-market businesses require a specialized team of advisors to help you identify and evaluate strategic and financial opportunities as they arise.

Valuation & Corporate Finance Advisory

  1. Michael Demers

    Michael Demers


    Managing Director

  2. Jed Mecham

    Jed Mecham


    Senior Vice President

  3. Michael Milani

    Michael Milani

    Executive Managing Director, Principal

  4. Lisa M. Van Lieshout

    Lisa M. Van Lieshout


    Managing Director

At a glance

Baker Tilly Capital

Baker Tilly Capital helps clients understand and navigate their financial options in order to effectively position their business for growth and operational efficiencies.

Navigating your financial position in order to gain a clear view of your strategic and financial options can be daunting.  In order to make informed decisions, it is important to prioritize financial and operational information in order to assess your viable options.  We work with you to provide an objective view of your financial position, offering:

  • Board and shareholder advisory 
  • Strategic alternatives analysis
  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances 
  • Sale and divestiture planning 
  • Capital raising 
  • Valuations  

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