Real Estate Investors

Creative, progressive and strategic solutions that keep investors focused on what they do best — transforming businesses and communities. 

Real estate is an attractive investment, but managing portfolios and transactions while maneuvering across diverse specialties and regulatory environments can be time-consuming and demanding. Our goal is to help investors stay focused on the core elements of their business by providing creative and transformative solutions for everything else.

We work with many types of real estate investors across all segments of the industry — commercial, residential, hospitality, medical, retail, industrial and mixed use.

  • Public and private REITs
  • Real estate investment funds and holding companies
  • Private equity real estate funds
  • Institutional investors
  • High net worth family owners
  • Tax-exempt investors, including pension plans, endowments, foundations and municipalities 

You can rely on Baker Tilly’s experienced team to ensure investor confidence, comply with regulations and deliver performance with these and many more value-add services.

Our solutions


  • Local, state, federal and international taxation 
  • REIT consulting, structuring and quarterly asset and income testing 
  • Annual “earnings and profits” calculations for shareholder reporting 
  • Tax planning for asset acquisition and disposition activity 
  • Compensation planning, including partnership options and profit interests 
  • Tax planning for tax-exempt investors, including pension plans, endowments, foundations and municipalities 
  • IRS controversy and exam assistance 
  • Joint venture platform 
  • Opportunity Zone strategy

Accounting and assurance

  • Audit, review, and compilation services 
  • Internal audit and internal controls 
  • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance services 
  • Lease abstraction 
  • Property valuation 
  • Reporting requirements 
  • Revenue recognition and lease accounting


  • Outsourced accounting/client accounting services (CAS)
  • Property manager operational/compliance reviews 
  • Fund administration
  • Technology risk services, including cybersecurity 
  • UPREIT and DownREIT partnership planning 
  • Real estate development services
  • Real estate valuation and advisory services
  • Market studies
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