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 Construction Audit Toolbox: a construction contract controls and construction audit webinar series

 The construction industry has been impacted by COVID-19 and consequently, so has auditing construction projects. With a new set of health and safety standards, auditors must be prepared to answer questions such as: “Are job sites compliant with health department guidelines?”, “How are increased costs estimated and billed?”, “Who is responsible for guideline enforcement?”, “How is healthcare data managed?”, and “How do you execute your audit program while working remote?” These are just a few of the newly added questions to construction auditing. This webinar answers these questions, as well as addresses associated risks and construction audit impacts as we continue to perform audits during COVID-19 and in a post-pandemic environment.

 This case study-packed presentation illustrates:

  • New construction contract terms and conditions
  • Work-from-home methods
  • Force Majeure audit procedures
  • Pandemic compliance audit programs
  • Emerging audit risks

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