Construction Risk Management

  1. Mary E. Furst

    Mary E. Furst


    Managing Director

  2. Anthony Ollmann

    Anthony Ollmann

    CPA, CCA


Independent financial oversight, strategic guidance and advice on financial controls to help you mitigate project risk and avoid unwanted surprises.

    Construction projects are high-stakes endeavors, requiring significant investments of time, money and human resources.

    Our construction risk management specialists work with organizations across many industries to ensure their development initiatives do not cost more than they should. We work hand in hand with your development, facilities management and construction team from contract negotiation through the final pay application, mitigating project financial risk by providing independent financial oversight and advising on financial controls. No matter what stage your project is at, we can help you achieve success through:

    • Construction contract review and negotiation
    • Construction contract compliance audit
    • Project monitoring
    • Construction draw coordination
    • Project budget reporting
    • Construction claims support
    • Construction litigation support