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Mega projects are more than just big construction projects. They often utilize new technologies and construction methods which can stress project controls to the breaking point. Mega projects require exceptional project management, estimating, and scheduling professionals, and attract the attention of audit committees, investors, financiers, and the general public. These project conditions demand predictive risk mitigation programs to test project management effectiveness, safety program compliance, engineering specification compliance, and non-traditional construction methods from internal audit.

This webinar highlights mega project risks and audit program steps for mitigating risks like:

  • Use of off-site fabricated construction modules
  • Custom engineered components and machinery
  • Cash flow management
  • Managing third party stakeholder compliance reporting. 

Learn what makes a mega project unique and why it demands greater attention from internal audit professionals. Specifically, the webinar reviews:

  • Mega project risks
  • Risk mitigating activities
  • Third party stakeholders project impact
  • Consequential and liquidated damages audit activities

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