Internal Audit

Baker Tilly’s internal audit professionals use a forward-looking, industry-fluent approach to help clients address emerging risks, streamline business processes and strengthen internal controls.

    Industry-specialized internal audit

    Together, team members climb a mountain to reach the summit

    Organizations today operate in fast-paced environments with an increased focus on governance and a constantly evolving risk landscape. Assessing an organization’s top risks and the appropriateness of response is critical. This is where internal audit proves essential.

    A high-performing internal audit function can:

    • Play a critical role in strengthening an organization’s overall risk management, compliance and control environment
    • Identify, prioritize and mitigate existing and emerging risks
    • Provide assurance that an organization’s risk management program and risk mitigation strategies are effective, add value and contribute to organizational goals

    Internal audit approach

    Baker Tilly internal audit approach

    Baker Tilly internal audit professionals take a strategic, industry-forward approach, enabling the board of directors, audit committee and senior leadership to prioritize resiliency and growth efforts while minimizing disruption. As clients  face diminishing resources and staffing challenges, Baker Tilly serves as a value-added extension of your internal audit capabilities, helping identify and mitigate risks and ensure effective internal controls now, for tomorrow.

    We focus on risks at the strategic, operational, financial, social and organizational levels. We can help you determine if adopting agile auditing principles and methods could be a good complement to your organization’s current internal audit procedures and methods. Whether you need to augment your in-house internal audit team or seek a co-sourced/outsourced solution, you can count on Baker Tilly for sound strategies, processes and recommendations that further the organization’s strategic objectives.

    Hiring Baker Tilly for internal audit services was the best decision that we ever made. 
    Chief Financial Officer of a large university
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    Agile internal audit

    What does it mean to be "agile" in internal audit?

    It’s about adopting agile principles in internal audit, and nurturing a people-centric culture that operates in rapid learning, flexible planning and execution, and fast decision cycles enabled by technology and common purpose to create and add value to stakeholders.

    They are more than consultants. The Baker Tilly team raised the quality of our internal audit and risk management functions and helped us through the change management required to ensure success.
    Chief Administrative and Risk Officer of a large healthcare organization
    With such a global reach as our company has, it made sense to find a firm that had a local presence in all the countries we serve to function as our internal audit team.
    Chief Financial Officer at a global manufacturer