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As international tax specialists, Baker Tilly focuses on optimizing our clients’ tax benefits in and outside the U.S. We actively address pressing issues for our global clients and can assist with advising on U.S.-based and local-country matters.

    At a glance

    Our goal is to enhance your ability to stay compliant with global tax laws by aligning your tax strategies to your business goals to strengthen your financial position, now, for tomorrow.

    Global businesses need practical and timely tax advice if they are to adapt and prosper in today's competitive global markets, especially against a backdrop of new and complex international and country-specific tax laws which may include broad anti-avoidance provisions.

    The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act fundamentally changed the way U.S. multinationals are taxed and how they operate abroad. While challenging, U.S. tax reform also opened up opportunities for foreign investors to expand their global operations into the U.S. Whether a U.S. multinational, an inbound company or a global citizen with ties to the U.S., Baker Tilly’s international tax specialists can help effectively navigate through the new tax environment and work to map the best way to protect and enhance the value of global investments and profits.

    Seamless global coordination

    Baker Tilly Global Tax Solutions (GTS) streamlines multinational support, offering a single point of contact and a dedicated team of global specialists for efficient coordination of local accounting, tax compliance and advisory services worldwide, ultimately saving time and enhancing accountability. With standardized service levels and strategic governance meetings, Baker Tilly GTS ensures seamless collaboration across borders, delivering exceptional client results while informing clients of pertinent tax changes and opportunities.

    With a foundation of strategy and planning, our international tax specialists collaborate to make the most of your resources and provide knowledgeable insight and service in these key areas:

    Whether it’s a joint venture, restructuring, refinancing or capital-related event, you will encounter some kind of tax-related challenges, especially when deals cross borders. No matter where you are in the investment cycle, we can assist in identifying related tax risks and opportunities for successful expansion into international markets.

    In addition to the OECD’s base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS) project, increased cross-border activity means most countries are developing transfer pricing rules, regulations and associated penalties to ensure their tax base is not eroded. Our transfer pricing specialists will help you meet rising regulations and the increased variety of intercompany transactions in a pragmatic way.

    We understand the respective expatriate tax obligations of employers and employees, and we work with our clients to ensure they stay tax compliant and minimize potential liabilities wherever they are working, helping them navigate tax equalization and the foreign earned income exclusion among other issues.

    Our dedicated professionals help companies and individuals confidently face an audit, respond to notices and requests, and strengthen their position with taxing authorities in the U.S. and in foreign jurisdictions.

    We work with our global clients to navigate the complex rules related to residency and non-residency, foreign tax credits, and the sourcing and resourcing of income. Additionally, we specialize in ensuring compliance with U.S. passive foreign investment company (PFIC) rules, controlled foreign corporation (CFC) rules, and rules related to disregarded entities (DREs) in the individual context, as well as Section 877A exit tax rules.

    Protecting legacies for high-net-worth individuals can be complex, especially for families living abroad. We support our clients’ overall financial objectives with specialized expertise in trust and private foundation formation, managing international taxes, and dealing with global tax filing requirements.

    No one does your business like you do. With more complex supply chains and extensive, country-specific regulations, you need support to manage your international business strategy. We offer customized global trade compliance services in conjunction with an outside consulting firm to help manage the impact of indirect taxes on your business.

    We integrate ESG strategies for businesses with international tax considerations in mind. Our team will build a compliant tax solution that is adaptable, transparent and sustainable to the constantly changing markets.