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Employee Benefit Plan Audit

We help meet your employee benefit plan’s annual audit and filing requirements, and work to protect the plan’s integrity.

Employee Benefit Plan Audit

  1. Amanda Goar

    Amanda Goar


    Managing Director

  2. Marsha Ackerman

    Marsha Ackerman



  3. Melissa Wolf

    Melissa M. Wolf


    Managing Director

  4. Franci Suter

    Franci Suter



  5. Karen Soefje

    Karen Soefje



Our team of specialized professionals focuses solely on delivering high-quality employee benefit plan audit and compliance consulting services to help your plan sponsor meet regulatory requirements.

    What makes us different

    We’ve been a member of the Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center (EBPAQC) for CPA firms since its inception. Under the direction of the AICPA, this Center is a national community of CPA firms that demonstrate a commitment to employee benefit plan audit quality and raises awareness about the importance of employee benefit plan audits.

    Our highly specialized employee benefit plan auditors understand the challenges plan sponsors face and share their knowledge and insight with you throughout the engagement. We recognize the importance of effectively establishing and operating a plan within a stringent regulatory environment.

    Our experience includes more than 2,000 annual audits of:

    Defined contribution plans

    • 401(k) plans
    • 403(b) plans
    • Health and welfare benefit plans
    • Money purchase pension plans
    • Multiple employer plans
    • Profit sharing plans

    Defined benefit plans

    • Cash balance plans
    • Health plans and welfare plans
    • Multiple employer plans
    • Pension plans

    How we can help

    Our goal is to help you successfully manage your employee benefit plan and have an efficient, low-stress and no-surprises audit experience. Discover how your organization can benefit from our broad knowledge and experience.

    • Audit, accounting and tax services (such as Form 5500, Form 990, Form 990-T, Form 5330, Form 8955-SSA)
    • Evaluating compliance
    • Reviewing fiduciary responsibilities
    • Developing best practices
    • Internal control processing review
    • Preparing financial statements
    • Agreed upon procedures

    By the numbers

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    More than 2,000 employee benefit plans audited annually

    Top 3

    Ranked 3rd among all employee benefit plan auditors in the U.S., out of more than 6,000 firms!