New Markets Tax Credits

  1. Seth Harrop

    Seth Harrop

    JD, CPA


  2. Tyler R. Inda

    Tyler R. Inda



  3. Nate Voss

    Nate Voss

    Senior Managing Director

At a glance

Baker Tilly Capital

Our New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) professionals work closely with owners, developers, community leaders, lenders, investors, and Community Development Entities (CDEs) to optimize a project’s approach to capital while ensuring compliance, mitigating risk, and maintaining transparency for key stakeholders.

We work with new and experienced NMTC borrowers to determine project eligibility, solicit interest from CDEs, structure and assist in closing the transaction, perform post-closing servicing and monitor compliance, and provide ongoing advisory services for future planning.

CDEs can rely on our experienced team to succeed in the highly rigorous and competitive application process, select the right projects to invest in, and meet ongoing compliance requirements with well-built procedures and operational efficiencies. 

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Interactive Map

New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC) mapping tool

Our interactive mapping tool can help you determine if a project is located in a "distressed" census track that may qualify for NMTCs.

By the numbers

New Markets Tax Credits map of North America 1


Identified opportunities for more than 300 clients


Over 45 professionals dedicated to NMTCs


Worked with 100+ CDEs on successful structuring and closing of transactions in excess of $12 billion of allocation nationwide


$8 million to $30 million typically awarded per project

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