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Spend more time growing your business than running it.

As a business owner, you likely feel constant pressure to maximize revenues and create an efficient, scalable operating model that can also withstand the challenges and risks that come with running a business. However, according to a pulse survey on time management [1], most business owners spend an average of almost 70% of their time on administrative tasks and employee issues instead of strategic growth efforts.

What if you could increase new opportunities and revenue by maximizing the time you spend working on the business instead of in the business?

It starts with freeing you up from the operational complexities and responsibilities related to tax, accounting, and human resources (HR) — three essential functions of every business.

Gain an advantage for your business.

Baker Tilly Advantage is a subscription-based service tailored to your business's tax, accounting and HR needs. We provide the ideal mix of resources, expertise and turnkey services — packaged and backed by decades of industry leading experience and, more importantly, the scalability to support your needs as they evolve throughout your business's life cycle.

What is your business's advantage?

Companies that outsource critical business functions, like tax, accounting and HR, have found that they have the time and means to run their businesses more efficiently, as well as use the time saved to focus on core strategies and growth. Outsourcing gives business owners access to real-time data, advice, expertise and technology, all adapted to their needs.

Baker Tilly Advantage is a better approach to outsourcing tax, accounting and HR. We understand that every business's journey is unique and no matter where you are in your business life cycle, your tax, accounting and HR needs evolve over time. With Baker Tilly Advantage, it’s about providing service in these critical areas on your terms. Explore the range of services our team provides to find the right fit for your business.

Advantage toolbox

Part of Baker Tilly Advantage is giving business owners the tools and resources to gain greater insight into their company and its health. Each of these resources serves to give you the tools and knowledge you need to have a deeper understanding of your business and provide best practices to ensure you’re moving in the right direction.

Explore each of the tools or resources below to gain an extra advantage and see your business more clearly.

  • Business Confidence Survey
  • HR Checkup
  • Cybersecurity Risk Assessment
  • Business retirement plans

Check your compass

Gain key insights on five critical areas impacting the health and value of your business

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and lose sight of where you’re headed. See your business through a wide-angle lens with our complimentary Business Confidence Survey.

Once finished, you will receive your results along with recommended best practices customized to address five critical business topics, including business planning, business risk, tax, financial reporting and employees.

Assess your HR risk level

Discover your risk level in five key areas of HR

One of the biggest challenges companies face today revolves around their people: how to find and retain talent while ensuring the organization meets its obligations surrounding HR compliance. Consider the effectiveness of your HR function with our complimentary HR Checkup.

The checkup will assess your HR risk level in five key areas, including demographics, policies, recruitment and retention, compliance, and compensation and benefits. Once finished, you will receive your results along with recommended best practices customized to address specific areas of your HR function.

Know your cyber risk

Get answers to the tough questions with the Advantage Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

When it comes to cybersecurity, the assumption is only large, complex organizations need robust systems in place. The truth is, however, that no company is immune to the risks posed by cyberattacks. In this environment, leaders of every sized organization are being asked the tough questions: How secure are we? What is our risk? Are we compliant with the latest regulations? How do we measure our cybersecurity risk?

The Advantage Cybersecurity Risk Assessment is a starter assessment for businesses that want to implement or improve upon their cybersecurity program but aren’t quite sure where to begin. With this assessment, our professionals are able to identify gaps and vulnerabilities for cyberattacks and provide recommendations to mitigate the risk in your systems and processes.

Plan for the future

Take a different approach to retirement planning

Retirement planning is an essential part of attracting and retaining employees. Baker Tilly Wealth Management can help you craft and implement the right plan for your business and your employees — whether that’s a 401(k), 403(b) or other employee benefit plan. Our service model offers fiduciary protections with step-by-step guidance and can help better equip each participant to save and build toward a successful retirement.

meeting looking at charts and data

Relationships, not transactions: A better approach to outsourcing tax, accounting and human resources services

Business owners can spend more time growing their business and less time running it when critical operations, like tax, accounting and human resources are outsourced to professionals who value relationships over transactions. In this article, Baker Tilly Advantage leaders take a deeper dive into the value of outsourcing and business owner essentials for growth and success.

With Baker Tilly Advantage, we can help scale your business by handling the critical tax, accounting and HR functions — so you can spend more time on strategy, innovation, growth and client relationships.
Todd Bernhardt, Practice Leader of Baker Tilly Advantage
Todd C. Bernhardt

[1] Pulse Survey: Time Management, The Alternative Board, December 2015.