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Our quarterly Commercial Real Estate Market Reports were created to help real estate owners, developers, investors and professionals understand how the market is performing and current trends to aide in planning for the future.

Each report is designed to provide readers with a recap of the quarter as it relates to notable transaction activity, data and analytics in key real estate sectors across the United States, including but not limited to multifamily housing, office, retail, industrial and capital markets.

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Second quarter 2023

Commercial Real Estate Market Report

Much of what could be said in the first quarter of 2023 still applies in the second quarter, with languid transaction activity and uncertainty being the primary hallmarks. Commercial real estate was generally sideways this quarter as activity remained depressed and confidence in fundamentals seemed down.

"There are a number of indicators that impact how owners, developers and investors assess what's happening in the real estate market. Our report compiles multiple data points to help readers stay up to date on what's currently going on."
Todd Carpenter, National Real Estate Advisory Leader
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Fourth quarter 2022

2022 closed on a sour note for the commercial real estate industry, with some mildly encouraging macroeconomic news being more than offset by a lackluster transaction environment and a negative short-term outlook that was fueled by a challenging capital markets environment.

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Recession, capitalization rates and returning to the office are top of mind for commercial real estate professionals

Commercial real estate professionals are keeping a close eye on the economy, including interest rates, the Fed’s next move, capitalization rates, the multifamily housing and residential markets, and of course companies’ ongoing decision whether or not to return to the office.

"This report outlines transactional activity including all real estate classes and gives our readers the information they need to go out and do what they do best: invest in real estate."
Mike Kamienski, National Real Estate Practice Leader

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