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Investment Fund Administration

With a deep understanding of the capital lifecycle, from fundraising through wind down, Baker Tilly will be a trusted financial partner throughout the life of a fund.

Baker Tilly’s investment fund administration group provides full fund administration services including accounting and investor relations, fund performance reporting, middle and back office accounting, and general consulting for investment firms.

    Our team functions as a seamless extension of your team, reducing the administrative burden of accounting and reporting requirements placed on capital allocators. With us as your investment fund administrator, your partners are able to stay focused on deploying capital and building new investor relationships.

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    FIS Investran

    We utilize best-in-class technology (FIS Investran) to provide enhanced reporting and transparency to investors and key stakeholders, while helping funds scale operations efficiently. By effectively functioning as your accounting department, our team has the requisite expertise to:

    • Perform fund accounting and calculate fund and deal-level returns
    • Account for complex transactions including waterfall analysis and remediation
    • Prepare and facilitate investor reporting
    • Manage fund and related entity cash flow and liquidity
    • Provide best practice guidance
    • Perform CFO and controller services (Management Company and/or GP)

    What can our investment fund administration team help you with?

    • Financial reporting using best-in-class technology via FIS Investran
    • Allocation of investor capital
    • Creation of waterfall calculations – realized and hypothetical
    • Portfolio and investment reporting and analytics
    • Management of capital events – calls and distributions
    • Coordination of audit and tax process
    • Oversight of investor relations using web-based portal via FIS Data Exchange
    • Management and reporting on fund and related entity liquidity
    • Support of investor diligence/SSQ process
    • Consulting services
    • Remediation of historical waterfalls and complex fee structures
    • Funding of launch support
    • Subscription document management
    • Due diligence screening (AML and KYC)
    • Accounting for GP and Management Companies
    • Cash management
    • Financial statements
    • Budgeting and forecasting

    Tax services

    Further, Baker Tilly’s tax professionals provide funds, co-investment entities, general partners and management companies with complete, accurate and timely tax reporting services. Our team has deep expertise in partnership tax and can help your team navigate the complicated world of tax compliance for alternative investments. Baker Till professionals can:

    • Prepare and file federal, state and local tax returns
    • Prepare K-1s
    • Provide tax advisory and structuring
    • Assist with foreign account tax compliance act (FATCA) assistance