Understand Q1 2021 real estate market trends, transactions, analysis and outlook to prepare yourself for your next investment.

Authored by Brent Maier, Kevin Secrist, Nich Palkovic

After a somewhat surprisingly active last quarter for commercial real estate transactions, this quarter was a bit of a reality check. Nonetheless, it does not take away from the positive momentum of the overall economy, which real estate is sure to follow. Widespread vaccination, the reopening of corporate offices and increased travel all point to a potentially exciting summer for commercial real estate owners and investors. We anticipate that the second quarter of 2021 will look much like the first with modest activity as market participants look for continued improvement in COVID-19 cases, observe the impact of fully opened economies, and experience increased vaccination figures. All of these developments should instill the confidence needed to deploy capital later this year for deals that are now in the diligence and underwriting phases.

For further analysis, insight and outlook into the multifamily housing, office, retail, industrial and capital market sectors, continue reading the Q1 2021 report.

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Managing Director
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