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Site Selection & Location Strategy

From inception to site selection, we assist companies through the process of determining the optimal location to operate their business.

Site Selection & Location Strategy

  1. Todd Carpenter

    Todd Carpenter

    Managing Partner

Few decisions are more strategic and have longer term financial and operational implications than a facility location decision.

Whether a company is looking to expand existing, add new, or consolidate existing facilities, our site selection and location strategy team can help streamline efforts and facilitate sound business decisions to maximize the overall return on capital. We are driven by helping companies across various industries find the right location.

Financial considerations we take into account:

  • Lease vs. buy analysis
  • Tax structuring
  • Highest and best use analysis

Labor analytics

Due to the labor shortage, it is critical to assess labor availability and cost when any company is looking to expand existing, add new, or consolidate existing facilities.

Baker Tilly’s site selection and location strategies team and project development office can guide companies through a site suitability analysis, including a nationwide site review and comparison on key labor metrics. Our labor analytics solution identifies optimal regions for your project based on employment numbers, wages and even commuting patterns.

Watch the demo below to see how our labor analytic platform works.

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Four reasons why businesses should use a site selector

When it comes to expanding or relocating a business, the process of selecting the right location can be complex and time-consuming. Without the right expertise, companies may miss out on opportunities and end up with a less than ideal location. Here are four reasons why it makes sense to consider using a site selector.

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Data analytics can reduce risk and costs in site selection while increasing opportunities

Establishing a sequential framework to conduct an efficient site selection process informed by data is critical to reducing risk and selecting a location that leads to a successful project.