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Government Contracting & Compliance

With 250+ years of combined experience in government contracting, our practice leaders help our clients address complex regulatory compliance, audit, and other government oversight burdens.


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    Indirect Rate Structures and the Blocking and Tackling Required for Success

With one of the largest teams of over 50 professionals supporting over 100 contractors annually, we offer industry insights and tailored approaches that help our clients “get to yes” with their government customers.

    Why choose us as your go-to government contracting advisor?

    Our depth and diversity of experience allows us to provide fresh ideas and practical counseling on a wide range of cost, pricing, and compliance matters, including support in connection with audits, claims, investigations, disputes, and litigation.

    Our Philosophy - We want you to have a great experience working with us. Excellent work is the minimum baseline. An excellent experience and outcome is memorable.

    Our Problem Solving Approach - We believe in strategic compliance, which means we seek to understand, educate and produce risk-based, simple, practical options that make sense for your business and management’s risk tolerance.  Check out our Uncommon Sense blog to see if our no-nonsense approach resonates with you.

    Our Client and Employee Feedback - Clients rate us 9.8 out of 10  when asked to answer one question on a 1-10 scale: “Will you refer Baker Tilly to a friend?” We believe our client’s satisfaction and our people’s satisfaction are related, as reflected in our “Best Place to Work” honors or the last eight consecutive years.

    Our People - Professionals with diverse backgrounds, including homegrown, former industry, and former Government. This mix of backgrounds helps our clients understand issues from both sides, which leads to better and faster outcomes.

    Our Practice Size & Geographic Locations – With 50+ dedicated professionals of all experience levels, located in Washington, D.C., Chicago, and Denver, we respond to our clients when and where they need us.

    Our Trained Staff - All of our staff attend both firm-wide professional training, as well as our robust internal Government Contracting training program. Even our staff consultants are 100% dedicated to government contracting matters. This creates a cohesive team and consistent client service.  So, our clients don’t need to train our people.

    Our Specialties

    We have significant experience with all aspects of government contract cost accounting, financial accounting and reporting, negotiated and commercial pricing, Federal Supply Schedule contracting, government audits and investigations, contractor business systems, and other applicable regulatory compliance requirements. 

     For much more information on a particular area of interest, check out how we help our clients at the links below: