Fed Talks podcast series

Fed Talks:  So, you want to be a government contractor?

Fed Talks is a series of audio episodes featuring current issues in government contracting, offering thoughtful, bite-sized insights with rotating guests from inside and outside Baker Tilly.

On this episode of Fed Talks, we play a game of ‘Fact or Fiction’ with subject matter specialist Rachelle Jackson to comment on common concerns companies have when considering contracting with the federal government. Questions addressed include:

  • Does the government require advance approval for contractors for their subcontract arrangements?
  • Will working with the government mean making sweeping changes to a company’s accounting system?
  • Is there opportunity for reasonable profit in government contracting?  

Connect with us to hear more from our government contractor advisory team.

About the producer

Andrew Graziano, Senior Consultant

Andrew has been with Baker Tilly for over three years and has spent that time working with government contractors on a wide variety of compliance matters. Andrew has experience with incurred cost proposals, indirect rate modeling, price proposal preparation, cost impact analysis and commercial sales practice disclosures. In his spare time, he produces and edits this Fed Talks podcast. 

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