Contract Claims & Disputes

Baker Tilly positions government contractors and their legal counsel for success in the federal marketplace, helping them mitigate risk in a highly complex and regulated environment.


Our experienced industry team understands the legal and financial complexities involved in resolving disputes and are adept at presenting complex information in a manner easily understood by auditors and other key government decision makers. 

    Our solutions

    Government contracting is a highly complex and competitive market, so disputes often arise. Leading government contractors trust us to help them resolve bid protests, Department of Justice investigations, claims, and other disputes. Baker Tilly helps government contractors:

    • Requests for equitable adjustment (REA) preparation
    • Complex government contract claims
    • Economic damages analysis
    • Bid protests
    • Expert witness testimony
    • Support during government investigations
    • Construction cost and schedule analysis
    • Other litigation support services
    • Department of Justice investigations
    GAO report on business system audits presents some tidbits of interest to the government contract community
    Feb 14Article

    GAO report on business system audits presents some tidbits of interest to the government contract community

    What makes Baker Tilly different?

    • Our clients consistently return to us for additional project work, proving our value as a trusted business advisor.
    • 9 out of 10 Baker Tilly clients would recommend us to a colleague because of the specific services we tailor to each client.
    • With over 60 dedicated government contracting professionals, including 6 highly-involved partners, who spend over 75,000 hours a year helping our clients achieve their goals, we are able to deliver a breadth of service with deep expertise by keeping our finger on the pulse of the federal market.
    • Extensive compliance, investigation, and audit experience with 27 federal, state and local government agencies from more than half the states in the country allows us to offer a robust market presence nationwide.
    • Over 30 of the top law firms serving government contractors trust us with their dispute and investigative work, reinforcing our position as a leader in the industry.
    • As a strategic partner with Deltek for more than 15 years, we have considerable expertise in Deltek Costpoint implementations and services.
    Our depth of technical experience and focus on serving government contractors enables us to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients.
    Brent Calhoon Partner, CPA